Links to other sites

Links to other sites

Campden BRI has links with a variety of other organisations - including the trade press, professional bodies, and universities and colleges. We have compiled a directory of web links covering many of these:

Campden BRI Member sites
Over 1690 member companies in 60 different countries.

Academic partners
Campden BRI plays a key role at the interface of academic and applied research - as part of the practical application of technical excellence. We work with many Universities and research institutes to identify and apply science and technology in the efficient and innovative production of safe, high quality food and drink products.

Professional bodies
Campden BRI employs a wide range of scientific and non-scientific professionals. In addition to food scientists and technologists, our technical staff includes biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, chemists, chemcial engineers, physicists, nutirtionists, hygienists, home economists, information scientists and statisticians. These are supported by IT professionals, computer programmers, web developers, graphic designers, event organisers, librarians, accountants, and HR personnel.

Trade press
Campden BRI publishes articles on many industrially relevant aspects of food science and technology in national and international trade press - both online and in hard copy.

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