campden bri day

Campden BRI Day 2020 – online 3-10 June.

Time lapse of Campden BRI Day:

Campden BRI Day Overview:

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As you will have anticipated, the annual face-to-face gathering that is Campden BRI Day will not be happening in its traditional format this year - but it will happen online as the ‘Campden BRI Experience’ from 3rd to 10th June.

The ‘Experience’ will be very different but every bit as valuable as the face-to-face event has been in the past - with the annual lecture, thought-leadership briefings, research presentations, video interviews with experts, posters and lots more.

Annual lecture:

Sara Mortimore, VP Global Food Safety, Walmart will address ‘Amplifying food safety in a rapidly changing world: how global collaboration builds consumer trust’.

Thought leadership briefings:

  • Food microbiology: new hazards, new risks – Roy Betts, Campden BRI
  • Innovation in the brewing sector: challenges and solutions – Derek Orford, Campden BRI
  • Process innovation in response to market challenges - Gary Tucker, Campden BRI

Exhibit hubs:

Looking at industry challenges, available solutions and underpinning research strengthening and extending the available solutions. Based around examples including:

  • Tackling Listeria
  • Foodborne viruses
  • Process technology for safety, quality and innovation
  • Safety: systems, practices and culture
  • Packaging performance for product and process
  • Understanding the consumer
  • Nutrition and health
  • Ingredients for innovation

Research updates:

Presentations on current member-funded research projects

Get the most from your membership:

How to get the very best from your membership of Campden BRI and how to contribute to our major consultation on ‘what the industry needs from science and technology’

Visitor feedback (from previous years)

"What a great day myself and a colleague had at your recent open day."

"We thoroughly enjoyed looking around the facilities, and of course the food was a bonus!"

"The way you laid out the exhibition space was great, and I got to meet plenty of your colleagues. I look forward to attending next year!"

Information from previous Campden BRI days