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Campden BRI Day – exhibits 2017

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Nutrition and health

N1. Raw materials and ingredients for healthy products
N2. Improving the nutritional status of crops
N3. Manipulating food structure and protein content may influence satiety
N4. Fat, salt and sugar: irreplaceable?
N5. Ingredient selection to meet compositional and nutritional targets
N6. Consumer behaviour towards sustainable foods
N7. Packaging: design and consumers' perception of healthy products
N8. Regulatory support for nutrition and health

Food and drink safety

S1. Food safety – culture and assurance
S2. Good hygienic practice – prevent problems before they arise
S3. Viruses
S4. Chemical contaminants: reducing risks during primary production
S5. Applied informatics in chemical food safety
S6. Chemistry methods innovation
S7. Food authenticity
S8. Microbiological identification and detection
S9. Heat process validation
S10. Is your packaging fit for purpose?
S11. Microbiological criteria database: MERCADO
S12. PATHWAY–27 – industry guidelines on development of products with health claims

Skills and knowledge

KS1. Benefits of membership
KS2. International Regulatory Team
KS3. Specifications and artwork management
KS4. Horizon scanning meeting your needs
KS5. Accessing the information you need
KS6. Member Interest Groups: a forum for you
KS7. Training for skills and knowledge
KS8. Training academies

Product quality

Q1. Sensory branding: how consumers emotionally connect with your brand
Q2. Innovations in sensory methods
Q3. Optimising flavour, troubleshooting taint
Q4. Food structure
Q5. Hop blending for beer flavour
Q6. Wine and spirit innovation exploit the opportunities, minimise the risks
Q7. Product design – ready meals
Q8. Innovations through emerging process technology
Q9. Innovation through new ingredients
Q10. Ingredient functionality: implications for final product quality
Q11. Meat as an ingredient
Q12. Microbiological shelf life and challenge testing