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Campden BRI Day – exhibits 2018

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IN1. Innovation for growth
IN2. Case study: use of Pepite HT in sausages
IN3. Animal and plant proteins as ingredients
IN4. Ingredient evaluation
IN5. Case study: colour stability during shelf life
IN6. Sugar reduction
IN7. Understand food structure to solve problems, improve product quality and save money
IN8. Instruction services and product optimisation
IN9. What do consumers think of your products?
IN10. Novel sensory methods
IN11. A multi-sensory consumer journey
IN12. Process innovation through emerging technologies
IN13. Case studies: harnessing new technologies
IN14. Innovation for brewers
IN15. Novel fermentations - from benchtop to pilot plant
IN16. NoAW: no agricultural waste

Assurance and compliance

AC17. Food safety management systems, auditing and training
AC18. Protecting your brand
AC19. Global regulatory compliance
AC20. Brexit - follow the changes and understand the business impact
AC21. Due diligence programmes: planning and implementation
AC22. Identifying adulterants and contaminants using a multi-method approach
AC23. Agricultural raw materials
AC24. Foreign body analysis
AC25. Information solutions meeting your needs
AC26. Accessing evidence based information
AC27. Packaging - fit for purpose
AC28. Shelf life tools
AC29. Heat processing and its validation
AC30. Controlling Listeria
AC31. Foodborne viruses - detection and control
AC32. Changes to ISO 17025: 2017

Productivity and cost management

PC33. Sensory panels - achieving an auditable status
PC34. Save money and enhance supply chain resilience by understanding your functional ingredients
PC35. Give your products a nutrient boost with ancient grains
PC36. Sampling for food safety
PC37. Efficient thermal processing
PC38. Supporting brewing efficiencies
PC39. Technological considerations when changing packaging
PC40. Your research partner of choice


M1. Benefits of membership
M2. Member Interest Groups: a forum for you