Campden BRI day

Campden BRI Day – exhibits 2019

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Celebrating 100 years

1. Celebrating 100 years
2. Celebrating 100 years
3. Celebrating 100 years
4. Celebrating 100 years
5. Celebrating 100 years


M1. Benefits of membership

Nutrition and health

NH1. Clean label - approaches to sugar reduction
NH2. Clean label - consumer and industry perspectives
NH3. Vitamin analysis
NH4. Animal and plant proteins as ingredients
NH5. Plant proteins - functional and nutritional benefits
NH6. Collaboration to improve nutrition and health
NH7. Calorie reduction and fibre enhancement
NH8. Pre-processing to improve natural nutrition and functionality of ingredients

Quality and value

Q1. Innovation for growth
Q2. Support from farm to fork
Q3. Foreign body identification
Q4. Ingredient evaluation
Q5. Understand food structure to solve problems, improve product quality and save money
Q6. Instruction services and product optimisation
Q7. What do consumers think of your products?
Q8. Novel sensory methods
Q9. Consumer insights
Q10. Process innovation through emerging technologies
Q11. Innovation for brewers
Q12. Novel fermentations - from benchtop to pilot plant
Q13. Sensory panels - achieving an auditable status
Q14. Save money and enhance supply chain resilience by understanding your functional ingredients
Q15. Modelling and simulation for process and product success


S1. Integrated food safety management
S2. Due diligence programmes: planning and implementation
S3. Identifying adulterants and contaminants using a multi-method approach
S4. Packaging - fit for purpose
S5. Shelf life tools
S6. Heat processing and its validation
S7. Controlling Listeria
S8. Foodborne viruses - detection and control
S9. Have confidence in your results
S10. Food hygiene support
S11. An audit scheme for Listeria management
S12. Modernisation of food processing through digitisation and Industry 4.0

Skills and knowledge

SK1. Global regulatory compliance
SK2. Brexit - follow the changes and understand the business impact
SK3. Information solutions meeting your needs
SK4. Accessing evidence based information
SK5. Training matters: protecting your brand
SK6. Tailored training for the cereals sector
SK7. Microbiologists - skills, knowledge and development
SK8. Member Interest Groups: a forum for you