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Board of Campden BRI


The Board of Campden BRI and its powers are detailed in the Articles of Association of Campden BRI.

The Chief Executive and Director of Finance/Company Secretary sit on both the Board and the Strategy and Risk Committee as Ex-officio Members.

Responsibility of board members

Powers of the board

The key roles of the Board include:

Business Strategy Financial Operational

The Day to Day operations are managed by the Chief Executive supported by the Director of Finance, Knowledge Management Director and 2 Science/Sector Directors.

The Board has a number of sub-committees to facilitate their activities. These are:

Interested in joining the Board?

Nominations and applications for joining the Campden BRI’s Non Executive Board (NEB) are open and encouraged all year around.

We strive to ensure that our NEB has accurate representation of our very diverse membership and stakeholders base and that we have the right combination of skills and competencies to perform at the highest level. This is essential for us to deliver our progressive and inspiring growth strategy based on harnessing science and technology to inspire, support and drive success in the world of food and drink.

If you are passionate about supporting the development and advancement of Campden BRI as an amazing organisation by contributing your time, thoughts and expertise, we need you!

This is a great opportunity to personally develop, continue to grow your existing network in the industry and to contribute to the continuing success of Campden BRI as the trusted, premier, independent technical partner of choice for the food and drink industry.

For more information, please contact Bertrand Emond:

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