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Sainsbury's Technical Management Academy

Sainsbury's Technical Management Academy

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Specialised training programmes are vital to the success of many major businesses, and we work closely with members to support their technical training activities. Our association with Sainsbury's is a good example. Our collaboration with Sainsbury's set out to devise a technical development training programme – the Technical Management Academy® (TMA), designed for individuals in Technical Management roles in manufacturing companies supplying Sainsbury's own brand products. The ultimate aim was to deliver Sainsbury's and their suppliers' joint vision of having the best technical management in the industry.

Alec Kyriakides, Sainsbury's Head of Product Quality, Safety & Suppliers Performance, comments:

"We have had a long association with Campden BRI, and their technical knowledge and experience in organising training programmes means that they were the obvious partner for us in this venture. The scope of the technical content is large – from legislation and labelling, and quality and safety management, through food hygiene and food manufacturing technologies, to consumer and sensory science and nutrition and health issues. This requires an organisation with a wide breadth of understanding of food science and technology issues."

The programme consists of a growing number of separate workshops at various locations. These can be completed in any order. Each workshop runs regularly with no more than 20 delegates, to ensure maximum interaction. The programme also includes an annual conference at Campden BRI to discuss hot topics with invited guest speakers and to foster networking. The winner of the Technical Manager of the Year Award is announced during this conference.

All workshops are industry–focused and practical, with up–to–date information, interactive and tutored by experts from Campden BRI and from industry.

The workshops are not training sessions as such on each topic. It is assumed that the participants are already familiar with the subject and theory. The sessions concentrate on reinforcing knowledge, challenging practices/beliefs and sharing experiences. Some pre-course work is included.

Bertrand Emond, Campden BRI's Head of Training, explains:

"We started the Academy during the last quarter of 2006 to provides a stimulating professional development programme with the objectives of increasing delegates' food quality and safety knowledge and awareness. It also emphasises the importance of their function and their relation to Sainsbury's business. This will facilitate the understanding of Sainsbury's technical requirements and systems and their effective implementation."

Bertrand Emond, Head of Membership and Training
+44(0)1386 842062

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