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"You said - we listened" and what that means to your business

Outlining the feedback from our extensive member consultation and how we responded to that feedback

Outlining the feedback from our extensive member consultation and how we responded to that feedback

17 June 2021 14:00(BST)

Challenges in drinks in the 2020s

Derek Orford Rachel Rees and Pete Mann

The drinks industry has undergone a series of changes in recent years due to the rapidly changing behaviour of consumers (from alcoholic towards non-alcoholic, premiumisation and democratisation, increased interest in social responsibility), technological advancements, and stringent regulations. Such factors have presented the industry with a series of new demands. In this video, Derek Orford, Head of Brewing at Campden BRI, discusses the trends shaping the drinks market and some of the major challenges that companies in this industry are going to face in 2020s.

Pilot brewery

Beer recipes are becoming increasingly more complex, individual, and unusual. Yet even the most minor change to the ingredients must be well considered and thoroughly tested. And it is precisely for this reason that Campden BRI has an in-house pilot brewery. Regardless of your business size, our brewing pilot plant, and process teams offer a range of services to execute a complete range of research and tests for your brewing operations. Find out more watching our video about our state-of-the-art facilities and services.

Pilot maltings

Campden BRI pilot malting was built to bridge the enormous gap between conventional micro malting systems and the real world. Capable of producing malts of commercial quality and flavour suitable for brewing, our whole maltings are also automated and can operate over a very wide range of temperature and humidity. So, wherever you are in the world, we can mimic the many different conditions found of your malting plants.

Find out more watching by watching our video and find out how the pilot malting can help you in your research into process, new product development, health and safety issues and training.

Drinks carbonator

The Armfield soft drinks carbonator can be used for many different types of drinks. From fruit juices, still and carbonated soft drinks, and hot beverages, it is one piece of the jigsaw that constitutes Campden BRI wide-ranging of services for the drinks industry. Not only the Armfield soft drinks carbonator has the facility to produce beverages in a wide range of PET and glass bottles but also cans.

Find out more how our soft drinks carbonator can be used to help you improve your still and carbonated beverages with this video.

New science strategy - a focus on the benefits this brings to our members

Tim Foster

The Purpose of Campden BRI in harnessing science and technology inspire, support and drive success in the world of food and drink. While being part of developing the science and technology community around us, through our depth, breath of experience and knowledge in global operations, we play a key role in inspiring and bringing values to our members.

Through the development of our new science strategy, Tim Foster, Scientific Affair Director at Campden BRI, discusses how Campden BRI will continue to provide, practical, scientific, technical, regulatory and information support to help businesses succeed.

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New MFR programme – outline of how the new system will work

Craig Leadley

New MFR programme - what's changed and how will it work?

Craig Leadley

In today´s fast–moving world, you can´t afford to stand still. Campden BRI extensive programme of industrially, relevant research and innovation helps ensure that we retain the cutting–edge skills, facilities, knowledge, and expertise to solve your problems and support your business development.

The core of our research programme is funded by member subscriptions. They are heavily involved in steering the projects and early involved in discussion of results. Over the last year, the new member funded research (MFR) programme has gone through some substantial changes. Craig Leadley, Head of Strategic Knowledge Development at Campden BRI, explains to you what has changed and how this is going to shape the look and feel of the programme in the future but also how you are going to influence the programme.

Scientific and industry needs

Greg Jones

As the pace of the food and drink industry grows ever quicker, the scientific and technical need of the industry change more swiftly. Greg Jones, Strategic Knowledge Development Scientific at Campden BRI, takes you through our website which capture the industry drivers, supporting your needs in a more responsive manner.

Scientific and industry needs

Scientific and industry needs hub

This hub is dedicated to sharing the needs of the food and drink industries. The information here is taken from discussions with our Members at our Member Interest Group meetings as well as conversations we have with government, institutes and wider industry.

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