Fit to Fly & Travel

Collect and drop - Standard service

Collect your Fit to Fly & Travel kit from our Chipping Campden Site and self-administer at home or even in your car. Then simply drop the completed test into our specific drop off box for analysis.

Typically, pre-departure tests should be taken within 72 hours of your intended arrival at your destination. Please always check the regulations for the country you are travelling to.

PCR test kit

Fit to Fly & Travel - Standard COVID-19 PCR Test £70

48-hours’ booking notice
For guaranteed next day delivery of your results
  • For this service your analysis date must be at least 48-hours* from today
  • We will contact you to arrange the best time for you to collect your kit(s)**. Please check our FAQ page for more details
  • Return the completed test Kit the day before your analysis date by 5pm, or by 9.30am on your selected analysis date**
  • Alternatively, collect and take your test at our site on your analysis date between 8-9am**
  • Receive your results by 6pm on your analysis date

Single traveller Fit to Fly & Travel test @ £70

How to Collect your Fit to Fly & Travel kit

Park at our visitor car park and make your way to reception. When entering the building please always wear a mask.

You will be able to collect your kit from the allocated area in reception, which also has the deposit box placed for returning your completed test.

Please note that test cannot be performed in our buildings. If you plan to do your swab immediately after collecting your kit, your test should be performed in your car.

Please bring with you:

  • A pen so you can complete some paperwork
  • A tissue to blow your nose before your test (if you decide to do the test in your car)

Please Note: The test involves taking a swab from both the back of the throat and the nasal passage so if you are taking the test in your car, we recommend you bring a mirror with you.

Please ensure you do not spill the contents of the sample tube as this is required for the analysis. If you think you have spilled any, please let reception know and we can get you a replacement for the test to be repeated immediately.

*  Please note that Weekends are not selectable and are not part of the 48-hours booking notice for Standard order. Express order placed on Friday will only be available for collection on Monday.
** Ensure you have checked your destination requirements for when to take your test