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MERCADO – microbiological criteria database

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This Microbiological Criteria Database (MERCADO) contains all the published microbiological criteria for foodstuffs that we are aware of. We have developed this searchable database to enable the user to conveniently and quickly search for relevant information relating to the foodstuff in question. This negates the need to search through the numerous texts that are currently available from around the world.

This database has been written to be used alongside the revised Guideline 52, which details the importance and development of microbiological criteria including: guidelines; specifications; and standards. We would strongly advise users to read this Guideline before interrogating the database.

The database will be updated on a regular basis and users are encouraged to provide details of any information that they are aware of, but is currently not included.

The user can access the database for an annual subscription, which includes a pdf version of Guideline 52. (Hard copies are available for purchase separately if required.)

NB, It is assumed that the user of MERCADO has a knowledge of microbiology to enable them to interpret the output from the database. If the user is not comfortable to operate the database themselves, Campden BRI offer a service to help with this.

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