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Whether you have a processing problem, or are trying to understand a specific technical issue, we have over 200 scientists and technologists who are experts in their fields and are here to help you. And if you aren't sure about the best person to talk to, we have an support team ready to help you - e-mail support@campdenbri.co.uk or call them on +44(0)1386 842291

Our technical expertise covers processing, analysis, packaging, hygiene, microbiology, agronomy, chemistry, and sensory and consumer science, as well as specific food and drink types such as wheat, beer, wine, meat and fruit and veg. And our services on UK and EU legislation are second to none.

Short enquiries (up to about 20 minutes) are free to members, and you can use your Member Service Allowance to pay for longer enquiries.

Member companies urgently needing to contact us outside normal working hours can use our out-of-hours service - call 01386 842000 and follow instructions on the recorded message.

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Phone and speak to Clare Brett on +44(0)1386 842125 or email the membership team if you have any queries or questions.

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