Quotes from Campden BRI Members

Quotations from our members

Phil Smith - Operations Manager Pukka Pies

Bespoke Training

With the help of Campden BRI we were able to reduce our pastry waste by around 40%. The bespoke training that Campden BRI were able to offer us has been invaluable and will continue to help move our business forward in the future.

Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist Vikan

Partner of choice

Campden BRI is our go-to for independent, expert advice and professional testing. Additionally, the meetings, seminars and training they provide help keep us up to speedwith all that's new in the world of food manufacturing.

Daniel Szor - Founder and CEO Cotswold Distillery

Partner of choice

Becoming a member of Campden BRI was an excellent decision. We were delighted to be able to work with them on the selection of the recipe for our debut spirit.

Bruce Lambourne - Head of Technical Mizcan


Campden BRI's MIGs add value by providing a collaborative platform for a broad range of indsutry stakeholders to pursue a mutually beneficial agenda.

Michael McCain - President and CEO Maple Leaf Foods

Partner of choice

Campden BRI provides services vital to the future of the food industry and food production. It provides research and scientific exploration that is directly related to improving both industrial processes and governmental frameworks. We are all better off for your work

Matthew Hurst - Technical Manager Ulrick and Short

Seminars are always very informative and an excellent way to meet other professionals involved in similar work and the quick advice service is a great way of ensuring you get accurate information in the most efficient way.

Mark A. Moorman Kelloggs

Global Regulatory Science

All of us at Kellogg Company are looking forward to further work and collaboration with Campden BRI.

Francisco Pedrosa - National Clean Steam Specialist Spirax Sarco

Membership of Campden BRI has enhanced our business in many ways. It is very useful having food manufacturing technical experts at the end of the phone whenever we need to bounce an idea around

Helen Sisson - Group Technical Director Greencore

We continue to use Campden BRI for projects and support, including training, across a broad spectrum of food production areas. The quality of output and standard of science gives us a clear competitive advantage.

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