Fermented and alcoholic drinks - Member Interest Group

Scope, purpose and areas of interest

Raw materials and ingredients

  • Availability, harvest updates, global sourcing, improving utilisation, local raw materials, emerging markets, new varieties, hops and barley, flavours, yeast generations, feed safety and legislation

Manufacturing and supply

  • Production methods, environmental impact, waste water and effluent treatment, waste disposal, cross flow vs. traditional filtration, chilling, optimising brewing and distilling processes, operating costs, benchmarking equipment, analytical equipment, specialist products, brewery hygiene, new packaging materials and developments

Product safety

  • Bisphenol A, corporate responsibility, understanding health issues associated with alcoholic beverages, labelling issues, trace contaminants, latest EFSA reviews, chemical and microbiological contaminants

Product quality

  • Flavour stability, maintaining quality through shelf life, extending shelf life, analytical method updates

Consumer issues

  • Trends and attitudes (e.g. flavour trends, diet and health), horizon scanning, retailer attitudes to sale of alcohol (e.g. minimum pricing, labelling)

Knowledge management

  • Industry needs and wants, relevant publications, regulatory issues, academic research

Additional subjects

  • Topics relating to cider, wine and spirits

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