Meat and poultry - Member Interest Group


Current and future issues related to the safe and legal manufacture of meat and poultry products.


  • To share non-confidential information about topical issues, roles, trends and knowledge gaps within the meat and poultry industry amongst its members and members of other Campden BRI MIGs
  • To provide guidance to Campden BRI and others on areas requiring research or further investigation
  • To review and monitor member-funded Campden BRI research projects relevant to the MIG
  • To aim to keep abreast of developments which would benefit the industry

Areas of interest

With regard to meat, poultry and their products:

Knowledge management:

  • Identification of emerging scientific, technical, market and regulatory issues and the formulation of strategies to handle them. Discussion of the interpretation and application of UK and EU legislation and on the legislative provision of other EU member states and third countries. Input and access to training courses and in particular the meat and poultry seminars. Awareness of external areas of expertise through special MIG presentations. Input and access to good practice guidelines, technical reviews and other relevant publications.

Raw materials and ingredients:

  • Addressing the issues of functionality, quality, integrity, sourcing, traceability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness (e.g. salt reduction)

Manufacturing and supply:

  • The efficient and innovative processing and manufacture of products and their distribution through the supply chain taking into account environmental issues

Product safety:

  • An understanding of current and emerging hazards and risks including pathogens, harmful chemicals, allergens and physical contaminants. This also includes methods for controlling these hazards.

Product quality:

  • The individual and interactive combinations of ingredients, processes and packaging on product shelf-life and quality

Consumer issues:

  • An understanding of consumer attitudes to food, and the links between food, diet and health

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