Packaging - Member Interest Group


Current and future issues relating to the manufacture, performance, use and disposal of packaging.


  • To share non confidential information about issues, trends and knowledge gaps relating to packaging between members of the MIG and Campden BRI
  • To indicate to members of the MIG and Campden BRI areas relating to packaging that require further research or investigation
  • To review current member funded projects relating to packaging

Areas of interest

Practical issues with regards to packaging materials

  • Materials i.e. glass, metals, paperboard, plastics, biodegradable, compostable
  • New packaging formats, 'openability', consumer attitudes, processing, active and intelligent packaging

Explore the interaction between packaging for food and beverages

  • Migration and taint issues, barrier properties, shelf life and extending shelf life, quality enhancing packaging

Packaging manufacture and related equipment

  • Manufacture of films, trays, bottles, cans etc., filling, sealing, MAP and vacuum packing
  • Measurement of pack strength and integrity, gas analysis, barrier properties
  • Post process contamination, closure quality

Knowledge transfer

  • Current and emerging UK and EU legislation covering all aspects of packaging and related topics i.e. labelling, active and intelligent, materials and articles in contact
  • Training courses, seminars and conferences with packaging as the main focus. Input and access to reviews, technical and guidance documents relating to packaging
  • Development of research ideas, inputs into approaches for research projects and practical assessments


  • Consumer, regulatory and industry pressures to reduce materials, waste and energy inputs
  • Issues relating to excessive packaging, recycling, transport and waste

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