Quality and food safety management - Member Interest Group


To provide a forum for discussion and to influence developments in quality management, the sharing of best practice, information exchange, research direction and management of topics relating to quality management, bearing in mind that some research may be overseen by other relevant MIGs.


To consider, suggest and monitor projects where quality management will lead to improvements in food quality, safety and processing efficiency.

Areas of interest

  • Safety and quality assurance systems (e.g. ISO 22000, HACCP)
  • Legislation information and updates (e.g. labelling, emerging law)
  • Topical food issues (allergens, sourcing non-EU raw materials, avian flu)
  • Awareness presentations (DEFRA, FSA, CIEH, REHIS, EHO´s, retailers, legal)
  • Sustainability issues (training, food miles, carbon foot print, greener businesses, water)
  • Staff training (quality managers, student placement, NVQ, partnerships) in all aspects of safety and quality management
  • Supply chain issues (agents and brokers guidance, traceability, BRC updates)
  • Accreditation and certification (generic standards vs specific standards such as animal welfare, organics, auditor proficiency)
  • Software and other methods to aid information transfer
  • Business continuity planning (incident, and recall management)
  • Reducing costs without compromising quality (lean manufacturing)
  • Risk assessment
  • Threat Analysis Critical Control Point (TACCP)

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