Food and drink science - Member Interest Group

Scope, purpose and areas of interest

The purpose of the Food and drink science MIG is to provide a forum for discussion, information exchange, research direction and management of topics relating to all aspects (excepting microbiology) of the science of food and drink and its associated packaging, with an emphasis on underpinning principles, including the science of raw materials and ingredients, their interactions with process, and effects on ultimate taste and texture, and shelf-life (i.e. non-microbiological food preservation). Its principal roles are:

  • To share non-confidential information about issues, trends and knowledge gaps relating to food and drink science
  • To foster understanding of technical issues
  • To provide guidance to Campden BRI and others on priority areas concerning food and drink science that require further study
  • To review and mentor Campden BRI projects relevant to the MIG
  • To consider, suggest and monitor projects where research will lead to improvements in quality and safety

Specific scientific areas include:

  • Chemical composition of food and drink, including proximates, minerals and vitamins
  • Chemical and physical contaminants
  • Authenticity/adulteration
  • Taints and flavours
  • Chemical and physical reactions occurring between ingredients
  • Chemical composition of food and drink packaging materials
  • Migration of packaging materials into products
  • Influence of food composition on packaging material choice
  • Migration of components within products
  • Methods of chemical analysis
  • Materials science, including measurements and methods
  • Applications of molecular biology to food and drink science (e.g. GM)
  • Functional properties of food and drink and its associated packaging
  • Measurement of physical properties of foods and drinks
  • Appearance (e.g. colour) and quality attributes of food
  • Interactions between sensory and chemical and physical properties of foods and drinks
  • Legislation relating to the above including its effects on product marketability

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