Scientific and Technical Committee (STC)

The Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) steers Campden BRI's scientific and technical activities at a strategic level. It also oversees the Member Interest Group (MIG) system, ensuring that the Member Interest Groups meet the needs of members. Its main terms of reference are:

  • Identify the scientific and technical needs of the food and drink supply chain so that they can be documented (in the ‘needs document’) and used to steer research
  • Ensure effective use of Member funded research (MFR) – in the development and execution of the MFR programme to address industry needs (as embodied in the ‘needs document’)
  • Identify emerging issues and consider how these should be addressed by Campden BRI or one or more of its Member Interest Groups
  • Determine the remit and monitor the activities of Member Interest Groups, to ensure they perform effectively
  • Ensure Campden BRI interacts with other stakeholders to the benefit of its members

It is supported in this role by the Member Interest Group Activities Working Group (MAWG), which comprises the Chairs of the twelve Member Interest Groups and senior Campden BRI staff, and which reports to STC. The terms of reference for MAWG include:

  • Ensure appropriate cross-Member Interest Group awareness of project proposals emerging from Member Interest Group discussions (March)
  • Ensure that each MFR project is regularly reported to at least one MIG or WP (March)
  • Review the Terms of Reference of Member Interest Groups (MIGs) and Working Parties (WPs) to ensure their relevance to industry needs (March or November as appropriate)
  • Share best practice to support the effective operation of MIGs (November)
  • Allocate all new member funded projects to a steering MIG (November)

Campden BRI Scientific and Technical Committee

Chair: Ms. Lorna Schneider, Hilton Food Group
  • Mr. Simon Rees, Abel & Cole Ltd.
  • Dr. Simon Branch, Herbalife Europe Ltd.
  • Mr. Mark Charlton, Allied Technical Centre
  • Mr. Bob Clarke, Fenton Packaging
  • Mr. Peter Dawson, Samworth Brothers Ltd.
  • Dr. Lucy Foster, Defra
  • Ms. Lynn Furnival, Weetabix Ltd.
  • Mr. Bob Heygate, Heygates Ltd.
  • Mr. Chris Holland, Holmach Ltd.
  • Mr. David James, AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings
  • Mr. Chris Newbold, Ocado Retail Ltd.
  • Mr. Matthew Crow, Diageo Scotland Ltd.
  • Ms. Ursula Lavery, Moy Park Ltd.
  • Mr. Bruce Linter, PepsiCo International Ltd.
  • Ms. Patricia Bally, Nestec York Ltd
  • Ms. Clare Menezes, McCormick
  • Ms. Kathryn Miller, Innovate UK
  • Mr. James Phillips and Mr. David O'Gorman, BBSRC
  • Ms. Gael O'Neill, Tesco Stores Ltd.
  • Mr. Victor Aguilera, Defra
  • Mr. Brian Walsh, Kraft Heinz
  • Mr. Antoine Cazier, Bonduelle Europe Long Life
Member interest group chairs:
  • Mr. Daniel Bates, Greencore (Agri–food)
  • Mr. Gilbert van der Wal, IFF (Cereals, milling and baking)
  • Ms. Nancy Nicholas , Amcor FlexiblesUK Ltd. (Packaging)
  • Ms. Dawn Hardy, Unbar Rothon Ltd. (Meat and poultry)
  • Ms. Susannah Gilpin, PepsiCo International Ltd. (Nutrition and health)
  • Mr. Stuart Jones, Warburtons Ltd. (Food and drink science)
  • Mr. Peter Littleton, Christeyns Food Hygiene (Processing, operations and preservation)
  • Ms. Ashleigh Moore, Greggs Plc. (Food service)
  • Mr. Ian Rogerson, Co-Operative Retail (Fermented and alcoholic drinks)
  • Mr. Rob Scharf, Hotel Chocolat Ltd. (Quality and food safety management)
  • Ms. Debra Smith, Vikan Ltd. (Microbiology)
  • Mr. John Castura - Compusense (Sensory and consumer)
  • Mr. Gary Rowland - Greencore Prepared Meals Ltd. (Training and development)
Scientific advisers: Miss. Moira Howie
Technical secretary: Dr. Craig Leadley

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