Training and development - Member Interest Group

Scope and purpose

  • Assist in making the right decision for businesses when it comes to ensuring that staff are trained appropriately and cost effectively
  • Assist in planning the right training and development in the right way, at the right time
  • Provide a greater understanding of the tools available when considering training and development
  • Provide knowledge of the support/training that is available to food businesses
  • Provide opportunities to share and feedback on industry initiatives, hot topics, current trends and latest developments
  • Assist in making the most of the Training and Learning and Development budget

Areas of interest

  • Case studies and sharing practical tips/tools
  • Training needs analysis, delivery methods, return on investment, evaluation
  • Capability frameworks, continuing professional development and tacit knowledge
  • Onboarding and retention, coaching and mentoring, employee engagement
  • Global food safety training initiatives
  • Technology and training delivery, learning management systems
  • Culture, behavioural change and maturity
  • Apprenticeships

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