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Food labelling

Recently–published high profile reports have underlined Campden BRI´s reputation as the UK´s leading centre of expertise on food labelling, and the partner of choice for both innovative research and commercially relevant services. John Hammond, Head of Information and Legislation, explains the outcome of several surveys that we undertook.

“An FSA–funded assessment of the uptake of its guidance on Country–of– Origin labelling revealed that 78% of meat and meat products now carry a country of origin statement, compared with 69% in 2005, when we last looked at the market. Over the same period the proportion of meat products giving the origin of the meat ingredient, at 44%, had more than doubled. The FSA has said that it will support the development of new EU rules that require such ingredient origin statements to be provided. We will be holding a seminar on origin labelling on 14 May.”

In a separate contract, we looked at the labelling of alcoholic drinks. John continues: “The Department of Health has published a second report on the implementation of a voluntarily industry agreement to include key information, including unit content and drinking guidance, on alcoholic drink labels. Only 15% of labels on the market were providing all of the required information, a finding that has now prompted the Government to propose legislation or improved self regulation as possible ways of increasing uptake.”

Further FSA-funded work on small packs is also being finalised, which will provide important evidence on which to base the case for exemptions from new EU food labelling rules, expected to be agreed later this year.

John continues: “This shows that we are widely recognised as having the expertise, resources, credibility and independence to carry out complex, innovative and multi disciplinary work of this kind. Although these surveys were carried out for government departments, our skills are equally applicable in the private sector. We have successfully carried out systematic reviews of hundreds of labels within wide–ranging product portfolios, audited the processes by which companies develop their labels, and completely rewritten or updated company labelling policies – all very cost effective ways of ensuring that companies are consistently able to meet extensive and complex legal requirements and best practice.”

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