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Seafood From December 2008 newsletter

Supporting the seafood sector

A series of projects on seafood processing and quality will benefit companies working with fish and other seafood. For example, in work funded through the Sea Fish Industry Authority we are exploring the use of time-temperature integrators (TTIs) to assess process variability in seafood cooking operations, to demonstrate process delivery, and to help minimise over-processing. This could improve yields and product quality.

We have also demonstrated that high pressure processing can be used to automatically shuck bivalves, offering significant reductions in manual handling costs. It can also significantly improve picking of meat from crabs and lobsters, potentially increasing yields and reducing costs.

Fish shelf-life extension is being explored using innovative technologies including carbon dioxide saturation and pulsed light. Meanwhile, we are investigating the use of sophisticated imaging technology to assess fish freshness and to correlate spectral changes to recognised evaluation schemes of fish quality such as Torry and the Quality Index Method (QIM). These approaches complement and extend our established services in predictive microbial growth modelling, DNA-based methods for fish authenticity testing and analytical techniques relevant to the sector.

Contact: Craig Leadley
+44(0)1386 842059