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Reducing saturated fats From February 2009 newsletter

Reducing saturated fats in food products

As part of its campaign to reduce consumption of saturated fats, the UK Government is working with industry to encourage reformulation of some types of product. Campden BRI provides the wide-ranging technical support that companies need to achieve this.

Based on in-depth experience of ingredients, including alternatives to fat, we have helped formulate lower fat products without compromising on quality. We have used state-of-the-art NIR imaging technology to map the distribution of fat within fried products - research which offers exciting possibilities for assessing how changes to processing parameters could reduce fat uptake or distribution.

Effects on quality can be assessed using our extensive sensory analysis facilities, while our chemists offer a range of analytical services, including total fat and fatty acid profile.The latter provides specific insight into the relative levels of saturated and unsaturated fats within a product.

Guidance on labelling is available - including the use of nutrition and health claims. For products near to or in the market place, product benchmarking provides comparative 'eating enjoyment' scores - an indication of how the product compares with the competition.

With this broad range of expertise, skills and facilities, we are able to help clients develop and exploit a thorough understanding of the options available to them.

Analysis: Nick Byrd +44(0)1386 842187

Benchmarking: Janetta Hylands +44(0)1386 842009

Formulation (general): Sarah Chapman +44(0)1386 842212

Formulation (meat products): Liz Mulvey +44(0)1386 842178

Imaging technology: Martin Whitworth +44(0)1386 842139

Legislation and labelling: John Hammond +44(0)1386 842138

Sensory and consumer: Peter Burgess +44(0)1386 842122