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Cakes From February 2010 newsletter

Reduction of fat in cakes

Campden BRI played a "key part" in the success of National Starch´s groundbreaking new ingredient N-Dulge FR® according to Simon Adderley, National Starch Food Innovation's Sales Manager for Western Europe.

In addition to Bakery Innovation of the Year, it also claimed the overall most innovative food ingredient, at the European Food Ingredients Exhibition Excellence Awards 2009. N-Dulge FR mimics the role butter, margarine or bakery fats play in a cake recipe - the result being the reduction of fat and saturated fat content of some cakes by almost two-thirds and the calorie content by a quarter.

Describing our role, Simon Adderley commented, "We are delighted to be working with food scientists from Campden BRI. Their comprehensive knowledge of bakery applications is indispensable, from the moment we formulate research objectives and methodologies, and in recipe formulation, ingredient testing and sampling. By gaining new perspectives on how our ingredients can be used, we can maximise our best concepts to help food manufacturers add value to their products."

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