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carbon footprint From January 09 newsletter

Calculating carbon footprints

Provision of methods for the reliable and standardised measurement and comparison of the carbon footprint of production systems was high on the list when we consulted our members on their most pressing scientific and technical needs (see back page).We therefore developed a service to support members in the calculation of carbon footprints, following our involvement in the development of a new British 'standard' (PAS 2050*) for this. Dr. Gary Tucker of our Food Manufacturing Technologies Department explains further:

"We worked on a series of Defra-funded projects to calculate greenhouse gas emissions for products such as cheese, bread and beef cottage pie. Our partners,ADAS, focused on emissions up to the farm gate and we concentrated on the subsequent manufacturingoperations.

Calculation of carbon footprints is by no means simple, but going through the process can be extremely valuable. It can help identify, for example, which particular steps in a production system offer the greatest potential for reducing carbon footprints. Through the projects we acquired considerable experience that we are keen to put to use helping members target improvements and avoid anomalies that can arise."

Contact: Gary Tucker +44(0)1386 842035

Contact (Nutfield site): Gordon Jackson +44(0)1737 824255