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Nuts From January 2010 newsletter

Trouble with nuts

Product recalls due to contamination with microbial pathogens are becoming a problem for those using nuts and seeds in their products. There have been several high-profile incidents recently. A new Club is being proposed to address this emerging problem. Recent UK product recalls have included peanut butter, snack bars, peppercorns, sesame seed paste, shelled nuts and seed mixes, including sesame seeds, all for the presence of Salmonella. These and other incidents have generated considerable discussion within the sector regarding how best to manage these risks. This Club will address the issue and will focus, in particular, on the possible validation approaches for the various commercially available systems that exist for nut and seed decontamination. New knowledge on this topic will enable us to further develop our services on thermal process validation using microbial methods, time-temperature integrators and traditional temperature measurement-based methods.


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