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New instrument comparison website From July 2010 newsletter

New instrument comparison website

A new website is providing personnel in the food and drinks industries with an easy way to keep up to date with developments in instrumentation – both in–line instruments used in manufacturing control and those used in the laboratory. will ultimately provide a one–stop source to enable users to keep up to date with all aspects of new instruments. The web site allows users to read the manufacturers' brochures, read assessment reports done by Campden BRI, view users' comments or contact the supplier for further information. Importantly, it enables users to compare products from different suppliers.

A useful spin–off from the work to create the website is our complementary instrument assessment programme for testing new and existing instruments for their suitability for use in the food and drinks industries.

The website currently holds details on nearly 60 pieces of equipment from 20 different manufacturers. The achievement so impressed the Marks and Spencer Millennium Team Prize Judges that those involved won the 2010 Prize, which was presented on Campden BRI Day.

Contact: Gordon Jackson
+44(0)1737 822272