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Reducing fat in meat products From June 2010 newsletter

Reducing fat in meat products

A new review from Campden BRI provides important and useful information for new product development personnel who have been challenged with reducing the fat content of products containing meat, such as sausages or pies.

Reducing the fat content of meat products: a review of fat replacement (Review 65) provides a background in fat chemistry and summarises the implications of removing fat from meat products. It outlines the methods used to reduce fat in product trials conducted world-wide, including the use of fat replacers in different products, and reviews the literature concerning methods for reducing the fat content of meat products.

There is continued concern over the increasing numbers of people in the UK, USA and Europe becoming obese, and the consequent effects on health, including increased risk of heart disease. The drive for the food industry to produce reduced fat products, and in particular to moderate levels of saturated fat, comes primarily from government policy, but consumers are also becoming more aware of what they eat, leading to market demand for healthier products.