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New mass spectrometer From June 2010 newsletter

New mass spectrometer

The acquisition of a new mass spectrometer through a collaborative agreement with Agilent Technologies will enable us to further improve our services in the analysis of a range of contaminants, as Julian South, Head of Chemistry, explains:

"This really is a major addition to our analytical capabilities. This state–of–the–art machine will allow us to perform a range of analyses, which were originally carried out using HPLC, with improved sensitivity and accuracy.The new LC–MS/MS method will be used to analyse contaminants such as acrylamide, melamine, pesticides and illegal dyes (such as the Sudan colours), as well as vitamins. We also plan to develop services for veterinary residue analysis using the instrument.

The partnership with Agilent, one of several we have had together, is a recognition of our expertise in this field and of our ability to demonstrate and train others in the use of the technique."

Contact: Nick Byrd
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