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New glove box essential for research work From June 2010 newsletter

New glove box essential for research work

As part of our work in the EU SO2SAY project, looking at alternatives to sulphite, we are running a work package on novel modified atmosphere processing. For this, a suitable glove box has been obtained within which different products can be both prepared and packed under different modified atmospheres, including nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and carbon monoxide excluding oxygen.

As well as use in the SO2SAY project, there is great potential for using this piece of equipment in other work, especially by companies requiring a method to reduce enzymic browning, for example in cut fruit and vegetables.

The glove box includes a system to remove atmospheric air and replace it with the selected gas mixture, whilst keeping oxygen to a minimum. It works by initially flushing with nitrogen to displace the oxygen and then flushing through the selected gas. The atmosphere has to be maintained within the glove box for the required time period and then safely removed (particularly carbon monoxide). An oxygen sensor is also included to measure the oxygen levels within the glove box.

Contact: Lynneric Potter
+44(0)1386 842237