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Member funded projects From March 2010 newsletter

The future for laboratory analysis in food factories

A new member subscription funded research project will help companies to improve the efficiency of their analytical testing operations. The project will help companies introduce test methods which can be undertaken on or close to the manufacturing line rather than in a separate laboratory. This will benefit companies by providing rapid access to analytical data to enable better control of manufacturing processes.

The project has been set up in response to the ever increasing range of rapid and easy-to-use instrumentation. It will examine instruments which can simplify laboratory testing and offer real time control of product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Instrumentation has improved considerably in the past decade and smaller systems can now be manufactured which can be applied in food factories under hygienic conditions and which require little servicing and maintenance. Many of the new systems, although expensive to set up, offer rapid recovery of initial capital.

The project will review the current status of rapid methods and instrumentation so that companies can evaluate the available technology. Reasons why some companies fail to implement 'best practice' will be examined and assistance may be given to help with introducing improved methods and test systems where these can be used as selected demonstration projects.

Contact: Julian South
+44(0)1386 842293