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Packaging corner

Packaging is vital not only for advertising the food it contains to the consumer, but also in protecting the food.This is important for preventing waste, maintaining quality and safety and saving money. Different types of packaging serve different purposes, but each needs to be evaluated for effectiveness. At Campden BRI, we have a range of tests designed to determine whether a particular piece of packaging is fit for purpose.We now offer a new service for compression testing. Emma Hanby explains:

"Compression testing is designed to evaluate how much weight a package can withstand, and is particularly relevant to those in the distribution chain and those producing the packaging raw material. It is typically used for evaluating the strength of tertiary packaging, such as stacked boxes, but is equally applicable to stacks of yoghurt pots, for example, and has recently been found to be very useful for testing how much vertical load glass containers can tolerate. The test involves applying an external load to the packaging to replicate that which is applied during storage and distribution. Increasing loads are applied to the container until failure or up to the nominal load."

Contact: Emma Hanby
+44(0)1386 842262