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Labelling From May 2008 newsletter

Alcoholic drinks labels survey

The Department of Health has commissioned CCFRA to carry out a major survey of health related information on alcoholic drinks labels, including bottles, cans and cartons. This follows an agreement between the UK alcohol industry and Government that industry would voluntarily label alcoholic drinks with such information. Typically this includes the drink's unit content, the recommended Government sensible drinking guidelines, a form of the 'drink responsibly' message, the website address of the independent charity Drinkaware Trust, and an agreed message on alcohol in pregnancy.

The survey of up to 500 product types and packaging formats calls upon CCFRA's labelling expertise and our infrastructure for the collection, recording and analysis of a wide range of food and drink product types. The results of the survey will enable the Department of Health to gauge the extent to which the agreement is being followed and to inform its approach to the future control of unit and health information on alcoholic drinks.

Contact: Sue Keenan
+44(0)1386 842291