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Traceability of food and feed

A new guide will help companies develop and maintain robust systems to identify the path from which a product has originated to the customers to whom it has been supplied. It covers identifying the source of all incoming materials (´raw material traceability´), recording processing history (´processing traceability´) and identification of customers (´customer traceability´) for each product lot, so that appropriate action can be taken in the event of a problem. Although regulations, international standards, and commercial standards require traceability systems, none are prescriptive in how traceability is to be achieved. Traceability in the food and feed chain (Guideline No. 60) outlines the principles and the basic system requirements, with special reference to food safety and to legal and commercial requirements in the European Union. It is priced at £60 per copy (members) and £90 per copy (non-members).

Technical contact: Chris Knight
+44(0)1386 842012