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Burst and edge crush testing From May 2010 newsletter

Burst and edge crush testing

When choosing packing boxes for storage and distribution, it may look like a relatively simple task: choose appropriate size, load, tape up and dispatch. However, cartons come in a range of thicknesses and flute type, relating to strength and durability. Too weak and it may lead to damage and too strong means expense that may not be required. We have two tests to help you choose the right type.

The Mullen burst test is a measure of the force required to rupture or puncture corrugated board and is indirectly related to the pack's ability to withstand internal and external forces. Edge crush test is linked to stacking strength. It is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength of corrugated board. This is one of a suite of packaging strength methods available from Campden BRI related to transit or distribution chain testing.

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