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Everything you need to know about MIGs

What are MIGs?
MIGs are forums - member interest groups - that help members to keep up to date with industry news and research. They are member-led and aim to inspire attendees to deliver commercial impact within their business. They do this by providing opportunities for personal growth and learning and for building peer relationships.

There are currently twelve MIGs. Some are sector based and some are discipline based. Each MIG meets three times a year to:

What can members get out of them? Participating in a MIG can help you and your company anticipate changes (such as the impact of forthcoming legislation), find out how other companies address issues and keep up to date with the latest developments. The MIGs also play a major role in shaping, selecting and steering our research and other activities (e.g. services, publishing, training), through discussions and feedback on presentations.

Which MIGs can I join?
Providing your company is a full member you can join any MIG - or even all of them.

Can I look at agendas/presentations/minutes from MIGs I’m not a member of?
Yes, all agendas, presentations and minutes are available in the MIG area of our website.

Can I present at a MIG?
Yes, we really welcome this. If you have a project, initiative or research you think other members would be interested to learn about, contact the MIG manager to get it on the agenda. You can also suggest ideas for discussions or offer to host a MIG.

How can I keep updated?
You can check the MIGs hub on our website or join the MIGs LinkedIn group (to join email Emma Burton). The MIGs LinkedIn group is used to share information, to network and to catch-up with other MIG members.

When are the next MIGs?
The dates for the 2019 Member Interest Groups are now available, visit

Member Interest Group Winter ‘19

All meetings will be held at our Chipping Campden site unless otherwise indicated - * to be held offsite - venue to be confirmed

Did you know…

Get in touch to find out more about MIGs.
Emma Burton
+44(0)1386 842233