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Allergens From November 2008 newsletter

Mycotoxins and allergens – MoniQA

Harmonised approaches to food safety and quality assurance are increasingly important with the growth in international trade of food and food products. In particular, ensuring that the food scientists and technologists of tomorrow are well equipped to assure safety is essential. Post-graduate food science students from Austria, Hungary and Turkey recently attended a course in Vienna on the use of food analysis in managing food chemical contaminant risk within the food industry.

Raising awareness of developments in mycotoxin and food-allergens and their food-safety management implications, the course was developed and run by Campden BRI's Anton Alldrick and Helen Brown in collaboration with the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). The course was part of the EU-funded "Network of excellence" MoniQA (, which brings together 33 organisations from around the world that are working together to help food manufacturers, retail outlets and regulatory bodies to cope with the challenges posed by a globalised food economy. Further workshops, in Turkey, will follow.

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