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Food From November 2008 newsletter

Food and drink skills

The continued development and maintenance of a strong skills base within food and drink manufacturing is seen as essential to the economy and the continued success of the sector. In pursuit of this, the National Skills Academy (NSA) for Food and Drink Manufacturing was one of the first of the government's new sector-based skills academies to be established. It operates primarily through a UK-wide "Network of Excellence" of colleges and training companies that are proven to deliver skills in food and drink manufacturing at the highest level. Campden BRI was one of the first 12 training providers to help establish the network, and we were delighted to host the first NSA Annual Network Conference in September. The event, at which Network Members and Champions were presented with plaques to recognise their achievement and commitment, included insightful presentations by Improve (Food and Drink Sector Skills Council) and the Learning and Skills Council (LSC).
This demonstrates our commitment to industry skills and training as illustrated by our extensive range of courses and events

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