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Cleaning validation From November 2010 newsletter

Cleaning validation

Following collaborative work done by us with Vikan, they have placed a new piece of equipment in our hygiene labs. This will further enhance our services to clients in the evaluation of methods and chemicals for cleaning surfaces, as Lawrence Staniforth explains:

"One of the biggest problems that companies have when trying to evaluate the efficacy of their cleaning materials and chemicals is to standardise the amount of cleaning done – that is, how much effort is put in to wiping.

This new equipment will allow us to do this automatically. It means that we can control the pressure, time and speed of a cleaning action. This will enable us to investigate how suitable different mops, brushes, cloths and squeegies are for cleaning in different scenarios, as well as comparing different detergents and disinfectants. Another benefit is that we will be able to evaluate the longevity of disinfectants designed to have a residual effect – by ensuring that a controlled amount of the chemical is left on the surface. So if you are looking to evaluate any of your cleaning systems, please give me a call."

Contact: Lawrence Staniforth
+44(0)1386 842042