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Packaging - testing glass and closures From October 2010 newsletter

Packaging – testing glass and closures

With current movement towards reducing the weight of glass containers, it is important to ensure that they will still be fit for purpose. We offer a range of tests to help you ensure that your glass packaging will still meet its requirements. Rachel Gwinn of our Packaging Section explains:

"The empty container can be tested for a number of attributes such as thermal shock resistance, which ensures that glass is able to withstand temperature fluctuations, and internal pressure resistance, which measures the pressure required to burst the container. The latter can be combined with carbonation testing, which is relevant to manufacturers who are carbonating their products, as the container needs to be able to withstand increased pressures resulting from this process.

Throughout the supply chain, glass containers will be exposed to a range of conditions. We now offer a service for vertical load testing of glass containers to test their ability to withstand compression forces, such as those from stacking. In addition, impact testing evaluates if a sample will break when exposed to a known force and can be related to a number of abuse conditions that could occur throughout shelf life.

We also undertake closure assessment, looking at issues such as leak testing, spontaneous popping, and the suitability of specific closures for glass containers."

Glass performance testing is part of a suite of packaging services and consultancy offered by Campden BRI, which include facilities for carbonation filling and capping.

Contact: Rachel Gwinn
+44(0)1386 842034