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Organic ham dispute From October 2010 newsletter

Organic ham dispute

New EU legislation has been proposed that would result in the banning of the use of nitrates and nitrites in organic ham and bacon. This would have significant effects on this sector. In order to make an informed response to this proposal, Defra commissioned us to review various aspects of nitrate/nitrite in cured meat, including the current legislative position, microbiological safety implications, quality implications, the use of alternative curing agents, and the effects on industry of the proposed withdrawal.

The project produced a review document that attracted significant praise from Defra for its usefulness. It also formed the basis of a meeting of interested parties – including Government, the meat industry and organic standards bodies – which was held here at Campden BRI. This helped shape a UK position on the EU proposal. The full report is available on the Defra website.

Contact: Liz Mulvey
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