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Expanded kitchen facilities for product evaluation From October 2010 newsletter

Food product evaluation

The recent significant increase in the amount of work we are doing on product evaluation has meant that we have expanded our kitchen and product preparation facilities, allowing us to maintain the service we are able to offer to clients. Janetta Hylands explains some of the developments:

"We have seen a huge increase in the awareness of benchmarking as a tool to gauge and manage product quality. Companies increasingly want to know how their products compare with the competition. Our new kitchen contains a suite of identical ovens – vital for ensuring consistency in cooking, which is essential for such comparisons. The adjoining evaluation room will allow us to maintain our high standards of impartial assessment."

The new facilities can also be used for Focus group discussions and similar activities, with food being available to them directly from the kitchen through a serving hatch.

Contact: Janetta Hylands
+44(0)1386 842009