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Our experts at events

Our experts at events

Our staff regularly give presentations at external conferences and events. Coming up in the next few weeks we will have speakers at:

IFE 2017 - 19th March, ExCeL, London

Presentation - The fight against obesity - Anton Alldrick, Special Project Manager, Campden BRI

To see the full programme, go to the event website. You can also visit us on our exhibition stand.

Packaging Hazards (part of IFE) - 21st March, ExCeL, London

Presentation - Guidance on migration from packaging to food - Danielle Cawdron, Section Manager (Chromatography), Campden BRI

Presentation - Hygienic design and packaging equipment - Mariane Hodgkinson, Hygiene Specialist, Campden BRI

Presentation - Thermal and non thermal decontamination of packaging - Danny Bayliss, New Technologies Specialist, Campden BRI

Presentation - HACCP for packaging - Alan Campbell, Packaging & Manufacturing Specialist, Campden BRI

Further details can be found on the seminar web page.

IFST Spring Conference 2017 - 7th April, King's College – The Strand, London

Presentation - The answer's 42, now what is the question? Advances in analytical methods - Roy Betts, Head of Microbiology, Campden BRI

For more information about this event, visit the event website.

British Society of Baking Spring Conference 2017 - 26th April, Campden BRI

Presentation - Tackling the issue of reducing sugar in cakes – Gary Tucker, Head of Baking & Cereal Processing, Campden BRI

Presentation - Novel approaches to increasing fibre in baked goods – Nicole Maher, Senior Bakery Scientist, Campden BRI

For further details and to register, please visit the event website.