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Research reports From August 2016

R&D Reports

Does packaging tell the consumer what to expect?

Food and drink packaging needs to provide objective and subjective information to allow the consumer to make an informed decision regarding purchase. Objective messages provide information relating to nutrition and origin, for example, whereas subjective messages are emotive and describe the sensory qualities.

Utilising five chilled green tea products, this research investigated the degree of alignment between consumers' product experience and product packaging-induced expectations. This is described in How does product packaging convey perceptual (sensory) and non-perceptual (functional and emotional benefits) product information? (RD406)

How do ingredients affect starch firmness?

Baked products and other starch-based foods undergo undesirable changes after production that result in changes in their physical or textural properties. This can lead to increased firmness of products such as bread and cakes, as well as syneresis in chilled dairy products and sauces. Changes in starch are considered to be responsible and this can vary depending on the starch types used. Effect of ingredients on the hardness and retrogradation properties of a model starch gel system (RD407) looks at the effect of selected ingredients on the firmness and retrogradation properties of starch during storage under chill and ambient conditions.