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HACCP for organic foods From September 2009 newsletter

Active and intelligent packaging legislation

Our expertise will help clients to meet new legislation on active packaging and intelligent packaging. The new EU Regulation (No 450/2009), published on 29th May 2009, states that any active substance released into the pack or that comes into contact with the food must be safe and adequately labelled; where possible, a symbol indicating that it is not edible should be included.

At Campden BRI we can help companies to understand and comply with the legislation, particularly with the labelling of active and intelligent materials. We can also test the effectiveness and suitability of the material, which is also a requirement of the legislation. Some of the testing protocols we have developed are detailed in R&D Report 275, where advice is given on different factors that need to be considered. These protocols will help users to assess the suitability of the materials with their own products. For an electronic copy of the report send an e-mail to with the subject line: send RD275

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