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Packaging testing services for the wine industry From September 2010 newsletter

Wine packaging test

One of the many benefits arising from the merger of the Campden and Nutfield sites is the facility to tailor generic services to specific industry sectors, as exemplified by the packaging testing facilities that we can offer to the wine industry. Geoff Taylor of Corkwise explains:

"We can undertake a variety of tests to measure the performance of both glass bottles and the carton/board used to transport them. For example, internal pressure resistance determines the pressure that a bottle can withstand - which is particularly important for carbonated drinks. We can also measure the volume of carbonation in liquids.

Glass containers need to be able to withstand handling and impact during use. During impact resistance testing we can also establish the position and cause of failure to verify that no abnormality has reduced impact strength. A related strength test is vertical load testing, which calculates the vertical force glass containers can withstand and is used to assess stacking loads.

When it comes to wine cartons, we can use compression testing as a measure of the strength of the cartons. This helps to ensure that the correct grade is being used, to prevent over packaging and under packaging. In addition, drop testing of cartons containing bottles assesses the carton's ability to protect the glass when dropped."

We also offer advice and consultancy on closures - whether the closure/cork is the correct size and shape for the bottle. This is becoming increasingly important with the expanding range of bottles and closures now available.

Geoff also points out the financial argument for optimising packaging performance:

"Many major companies use hundreds of thousands of cartons each year. The ones we see are often significantly over-specified, with double walled outers and inners. It is fairly straightforward to save ten pence or more per carton, which when multiplied by 100,000 or more can result in significant savings."

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For further information on packaging testing available to the wine sector or to discuss how we might be able to help you, contact:

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