Andrew Bosman

Andrew is a Process Engineer in the Production and Processing Research Department at Campden BRI. Andrew studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, where during his masters his research focused on the modelling of super-critical water oxidation.

In his 2 years at Campden BRI Andrew has continued his interest in modelling working for multinational companies creating bespoke models and the modelling of food structures. He currently works in with emerging preservation technologies; continuous microwave, ohmic heating, UVC and high-pressure processing. He has led many research projects on topics such as in-pack ohmic heating, retrospective hygienic design and microwave processing.

Prior to joining Campden BRI he had a manufacturing role working in MRI magnet manufacture, primarily for the medical sector. This experience stood him in good stead for his current role as it has given him insights into the challenges facing equipment suppliers and how to address the gap between end user requests and the practical delivery of commercially manufactured equipment.

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