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About Gordon Jackson

Gordon Jackson

Gordon holds degrees in Chemistry and Microbial Chemistry from the Universities of Leeds and Newcastle respectively. He is a Member of the Institute of Brewing and of the Institute of Quality Assurance. He joined Campden BRI in 1970 as a Research Scientist and spent the early part of his career on research into the physical and chemical properties of beer foam, particularly in relation to foam lacing.

Subsequently Gordon spent periods of time in different roles across Campden BRI including information services,quality systems and also as audit manager.

In 2012 he was promoted to Head of Brewing Services

Gordon has been instrumental in developing the methodology and scope for the range of HACCP, BRC and FEMAS Audits which Campden BRI offers to its Members. He also has operational responsibility for the audit programme.

Gordon is extensively involved in the development and implementation of Benchmarking exercises across Member Companies - a service which is rapidly increasing in demand from members.

Gordon currently represents Campden BRI on both the Management and Steering Committees for the Brewing Analytes Proficiency Scheme.

Contact Gordon
+44(0)1737 824255