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Lucas Westphal

Lucas works as a Senior Bakery Scientist within the Baking and Cereal Processing Department at Campden BRI and joined the organisation in September 2018.

The Bakery Science Section utilizes an extensive understanding of both cereal and bakery science to further develop the fundamental understanding of the interaction of ingredients, recipes and processes for the international baking and cereal processing industries. Lucas’ main areas of work include project work on fibre, sourdough and bread making processes.

Before joining Campden, Lucas completed a 3-year apprenticeship in a semi-industrial bakery in Germany. He then obtained a BSc in home economics and nutritional sciences from the University of applied sciences Niederrhein in Germany. Afterwards he graduated with a first class in Food Science (MSc) from the University of Reading, studying the application of a novel fibre in bakery products.

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