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About Martin George

Martin George

Martin George is Section Manager within the Department of Food Manufacturing Technologies at the Campden BRI. By background he is a Chartered Physicist and has practical and managerial experience gained from working in the food industry on R&D, consultancy and training activities during his 14 years at Campden BRI His particular interest and speciality is in relation to the application of the scientific principles governing measurement techniques to the safe manufacture of high quality food products.

During his time at Campden BRI, he has undertaken projects that relate to the development of dielectric heating (e.g. microwave and radio frequency) for food processing applications. He has also been involved in projects relating to sensor development for food process validation and optimisation. He is also actively involved in the chilled and frozen food sectors and is the Technical Secretary of the Chilled and Frozen Foods Panel at Campden BRI.

He has been involved in a number of European R&D programmes helping to build the RA's involvement in international R&D related to food processing technologies. Martin is also active with national and British Standards committees for microwave heating and food packaging.

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+44(0)1386 842037