Peter Burgess

Peter has over twenty years experience in consumer and sensory sciences and is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society (Dip MRS), member of the Association for Qualitative Research, IFT/IFST joint member and a Registered Sensory Scientist. Since graduating from Leeds University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Economics, Peter’s career has included research and business development posts within the retail, food and financial sectors.

Peter joined Campden BRI in 2003 and was appointed Head of Department for Consumer and Sensory Sciences in 2005 where he is responsible for the delivery of both contract consumer and sensory testing and ongoing research for industry and public sector clients.

Throughout his career, Peter has developed broad knowledge and experience of the technical and business development needs of the food industry spanning new product development, retailing and quality assurance, as well as investigating consumer attitudes on broader food issues in the changing marketplace.

Peter has extensive knowledge of mainstream consumer research and sensory testing methods and was a standing lecturer on the University of Nottingham's PG certificate in Sensory Science.

Examples of relevant presentations, posters and publications:

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  • Campden Day. (2019). Briefing update. Innovation and the adventurous consumer.
  • Cereals & Grains Conference (2018). Seminar Presentation. A consumer based approach to set, confirm or extend the shelf life of baked goods.
  • National Food Centre Iksan South Korea (2018). Lectures. Consumer engagement in NPD.
  • University of Cambridge (2017). Open Innovation Forum Meeting. Presentation: Sensing brands.
  • National Food Centre Iksan South Korea (2017). Seminar Presentation. UK consumer attitudes to functional foods.
  • Burgess P (2016). Ed. Integrating the Packaging and Product Experience in Food and Beverages. A Road-Map to Consumer Satisfaction. Woodhead.
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  • Food Matters Live (2015): Seminar Presentation How do on-pack logos influence consumers’ sustainability choices?
  • Pangborn 2015: Consumer Engagement - Integrating packaging with the product experience. Oral poster presentation.
  • Burgess P (2014). Modification of a traditional Korean food product (Gochujang) to enhance its consumer acceptability as an ethnic food. Journal of Ethnic Foods.
  • Food Matters Live (2014): Chair of session: Marketing healthier options - the business and health benefits.
  • IFST Sensory Science Group Conference (2014): An ‘evoked context’ approach to product assessment. Oral poster presentation.
  • SenseAsia (2014): Chair of Session: Sensory Science and Health.
  • Packaging Innovations Seminar (2014): ‘Eyes on the prize.. tracking the way to product success’. Oral presentation.
  • IFST Professional Food Sensory Group Conference 2012. Chair of workshop: Getting closer to the real world of the consumers: how new technologies and developments can help.
  • Burgess P, Gilbert C and Thomas S (2012). The effects of environment and emotional factors on perception and liking of products: evoked environment. R&D Report No 327.
  • Co authored report (2012). Reducing supply chain and consumer potato waste. WRAP published report. RBC820-004.
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  • Co authored report (2011). Reducing household bakery waste. WRAP published report. RBC820-003.
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